Base Organisation.

CEO: Leif B. Wallenius

Background: Working the last 30 years in Oil Businesses in the North Sea manly within Structural steel design, engineering and fabrication, majority of the activities have been related to the offshore  and the Maritime branch. From 1985 Leif started  a new Construction Company working with Offshore services and construction works incl. maritime activities and from 1989 he have been Managing Mekjarvik Technology Metec as, based in Stavanger.


L.B. Wallenius have Technical High school education in Shipbuilding, Diesel Engine Design and Structural Engineering, in the combination with production engineering and hydraulic engineering.

After finishing the Maritime Naval Academy in 1972 and after a naval services he continued to the oil and offshore business in the late 70’s. Succeding an offshore working period in the North Sea he established the first service company in Stavanger in 1985.


L.B Wallenius have been managing the company which from 1989 was incorporated in Mekjarvik Technology Metec AS. 




General Foreman: Altti Lakso

Background: Altti Lakso started in the Oil Business Activities in North Sea in 1977. He has been working for several structural steel contractors building offshore installations and in piping projects. For the last 20 years he has worked in the Offshore Fields in the Norwegian sector and he have been with Metec as a General Forman for the last 13 years.


Altti  have technical education and experience from milling machins and turning lathe, and have long experience from welding activities. He is at the present time responsible for the workshops in Stavanger and the service activities in Metec.


Risk Manager: Karl I. Larsen

Background: 31 years of experience within the QA/HSE discipline and from numerous land- and offshore projects. On an integrated consultative basis performing services to both contractors/ suppliers and to oil-operators within the area of RISK BASED management systems; Quality assurance and health, safety, working environment, security and protection of the natural environment. Land projects partisipated in, comprises oil-refinery re-vamps, on the offshore part heavy lifting operations, vessel spreads for lines and tie-in and design & fabrication of steel and concrete installations (North Sea).

Customers list comprises Statoil, Conoco, Kværner Engineering, Stolt Comex Seaway and AGR. Technical education as mechanical engineer and experience from planning, project management, medium speed marine diesels and shipbuilding. Post-qualifying education within risk management (certified Risk Manager), auditing (qualified audit leader) environment accounting techniques, internal control and HSE-culture etc.