METEC's work-shop and office facilities are strategically located 40m from the deep-water berth in Mekjarvik, five nautical miles north of Stavanger Centre. The entire industry area at Mekjarvik comprises 80 000m2 with excellent infrastructure. The workshop- and storage area of METEC falls within range of the 50 ton quay railroad crane. The deep water quay is + 250 long with a minimum depth of 15m. A special reinforced area on the jetty (5 ton/m2) is located close up outside the work-shop. The lay-down area is extensive.

A fairly new and heated work-shop ensures good working environments to the employees. For superior lighting conditions, window area in the shop is plentiful. A separate goods receipt and storage area is located adjoining the work-shop.

The facility also comprises welding and machining services.

The two storey administration building is brand new and heated / ventilated by the most environmental friendly methods available. The interior design is light and easy to keep clean, preventing negative health-related strain. There are separate offices for the permanent staff and spacious, open quarters for project teams or site personnel. Wardrobes, coffee shop, cantina and sauna are all integrated in the ground floor. Nice sight towards the seaward approach of Stavanger, is found all over the gleaming building.


METEC's business area is controlled by the ISPS-code of the Port of Stavanger. 

Technical Outfit.



Dimension, capasity etc                          

Work-shop   15 by 30 m. Height 10m.
Work-shop gates   15 wide x 10 height (m)
Traverse crane   10 ton
Harbour crane   50 ton
Milling machine    
Drilling machines    
Numeric controlled steel cutting    
Forklifts   10 ton
Company vans & lorry    
High speed service boat   35 feet
Offices   800m2
Computer Aided Design   AutoCad
Project Management & Control   MS Project, Suretrack
Broadband   Fibre


General pictures.

Behind the flag poles; New office fasilities adjacadent to our work shop and the quay


50 ton quay crane assisting

New office seen from the shoreline.