METEC had entered into a contract with John Lawrie Group (JLG) which implied taking delivery of four off templates that has acted as bottom fastening for anchors for the Hutton TLP (UK sector). The templates were released from approx. 180m depth and each weighted 1600 tons. The official owner of the oilfield and installations was KerrMcGee.

The steel was to be cut to maximum size of 1,5x0,6x0,3 m. Induced by huge volumes of  contaminated bottom sediments contained in the templates (5-600   tons) the four anchor foundation templates was immediately upon reporting status, defined as dangerous waste by the Norwegian Pollution Authorities. Following, all demolishing activities was subjected to rigid control and traceability to ensure proper collection of the waste, transport and recycle treatment process. The waste was generally classified at seabed sediments mixed with oily cuttings/mud, and monitored as "transfrontier movement of dangerous waste". 

The demolition project was successfully completed and all waste safely deposed & heat treated fully in compliance with Authority requirements.

The Waste Movement is visualised in below flow chart supported by waste management plan and mass balance calculations.