The "Wireline Deck"



Picture  taken during Installation periode december 2009 in the fjord outside CCB in Bergen

 - this deck was detailed designed, fabricated at the Mekjarvik Work Shop and transported to Ågotnes for installation on the rig "West Phoenix".

Due to delicate integrity of the existing supporting structure on top of wheel house, the design and verification calculations of possible fastening points proved to be challenging. The modelling of stress had to be carried out in parallel to fabrication of the deck. Finally, the entire integrity of the Wireline Deck and the existing structure was within acceptable standards, and the transport and lift in of the new deck commenced. With extreme cleverness the deck was manoeuvred by Seadrill's Crane operator and handling crew until finally placed on pedestal on top of Wheelhouse roof. Thereby, final fastening commenced and all adjoining staircases, pipes, supports and electrical installations were completed. These activities were mainly carried out while rig was on final testing in deep water.