General competence 

 METEC’s area of expertise and experience is in structural steel work and construction engineering, which includes fabrication, construction, transportation, installation, modification, inspection and maintenance work. This can be expanded to comprise specific plate, chute, tank and vessel work. METEC has also developed a reputation and capability in marine work that covers all disciplines.

The multi-discipline nature of operation support services and capital works projects demand the provision of additional;

• Marine work
• Mechanical work
• Piping work
• Surface protection work
• Insulation work
• Electrical work.

METEC is able to undertake, perform and execute this work as well, either under its own control and/or in association with specialist services under METEC’s direction and as the project dictates.

Project management, engineering design and detailing is often a construction or maintenance project requirement. METEC has the ability to include this responsibility in a number of ways and areas. Enhancing our Client’s operational performance is the company’s primary objective, and the way we perform is just as important to us as the work we do. Clients depend on us for mobility, speedy performance and services.

METEC considers environmental, community and heritage matters being part of its operation. We provide support to worthy causes in the region.

METEC has the capability, capacity and ability to undertake, perform and execute a variety of functions in support of production operations and capital works projects, in a self sufficient and qualitative way.

METEC prides itself on its capacity to solve construction engineering problems and has found a niche in taking on complex and urgent construction and maintenance tasks which often require specialised approaches and techniques.

Demonstrated capabilities, capacities and abilities include:

• Project Management and Engineering Design
• Operation Support Services
• Project Support Services
• Construction and Maintenance Services
• Shutdown Planning and Execution
• Marine Work including Diving and Underwater Work
• Jetties and other Marine Structures
• Vessel Demobilisation and Mobilisation
• Structural Steel Supply and Erection
• Piping Supply and Installation
• Mechanical Supply and Assembly.

METEC started operation in 1989, commencing with a number of small projects and covering a variety of work.

While our business has considerable capabilities, we recognise the need to partner with complementary contractors when needed, in order to deliver the most tailored solutions.

Our activities and services range from turnkey projects to individual special tasks of construction and maintenance requirements. METEC is committed to growing a diverse and skilled workforce, while providing an environment in which every employee is respected and has the opportunity to contribute to the organisation’s success whilst realising their full individual potential.

Our track-record speaks for itself. METEC has a comprehensive range of procedures to control all activities of work, including engineering, construction, procurement, management, time scheduling, cost control, quality, safety, security, health, environmental management and administration.